Do you want a laundry service?


We offer various laundry and dry cleaning services amongst which are explained below..

Dry Cleaning

Dry Cleaning at ClassicPro is undertaken in a clean and calm environment where we spend enough time as necessary on each garment.Also, offering dry cleaning pick up and delivery.

Wedding Suits / Traditional Attires

At ClassicPro, we pay special attention to wedding dresses, traditional attires and other complicated fabric items such as heavy beaded garments, teddy bear, hat, bags etc.


At ClassicPro, we take pride in the laundry of your personal duvets, pillions and linens. Every care is taken at each step of our process to ensure your laundry is beautifully finished prior to being returned to you.

Stain Removal

Every now and again support, refreshment stains and others like pen ink engravings could damage your mollified outfit. We offer a stain removal service to restore your clothes and make it as good as new.

Shirt/Corporate Wear

ClassicPro is specially known for quality shirt service for a long time. We believe a good shirt service start with attention to collars and cuffs, followed by laundering using special programs, then the important bit, ironing.


Leather garments are a chic addition to any wardrobe. While they can be pricey, with the right care they last longer. Our services also covers wears such as sweater,socks, pajamas, underwears etc.